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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Communities for Sustainable Monterey County


To help our communities equitably implement sustainable and regenerative practices to slow and adapt to climate change.

The Big Idea

The Pacific Grove Community Garden, Sustainable Seaside, and the MPUSD Adult School Garden volunteers will enable our neighbors to grow healthy, seasonal food, right where they live! Our goal is for others to experience what we enjoy in our gardens: working outdoors to grow a wealth of healthy, organic, year-round food. We will provide free instruction at meetings in our two garden areas covering the basics of successful home food gardening. Problem-solving will also take place on location in each participant’s home garden. Each household will receive a GARDEN TO GO: a raised bed kit or grow bags, soil, garden tools, and organic seeds. Following the initial phase of our urban farm projects in Seaside and Pacific Grove, we hope to expand the program throughout Monterey County under the leadership of CSMC, and partners at the Resource Conservation District and the Blue Zones Project of Monterey and Salinas.

I’m very excited about joining the Our Families Grow Healthy project. This program is great, working with people in my local area that have first-hand experience with the growing zone that I live in. The community garden is amazing but I think there’s a lot of people like me that have some space in their own yard and want to take advantage of the convenience of growing produce outside their front door, but are lacking in some knowledge and skills and thereby could truly benefit from this program.

- Mary Baribeau