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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Community Association of Big Sur


To protect and defend the rural and residential character, and to preserve the natural and aesthetic beauty of the Big Sur coast; to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the Big Sur community; to encourage community service and otherwise act in the interests of the residents and property owners of the community. CABS is committed to a collaborative approach to responsible land stewardship.  CABS believes that an effective partnership between private and public property owners is essential for a healthy and sustainable community.

The Big Idea

Nearly 6 million vehicles navigate Highway 1 annually, resulting in traffic backups and overcrowded viewing areas. Like many iconic global destinations, Big Sur’s existing infrastructure is strained beyond capacity by this significant surge in visitation. At the same time, jurisdictional authorities from Monterey County, the state and federal governments are challenged to meet the growing management needs required to ensure the health and safety of Big Sur’s visitors, residents and the region’s fragile ecosystem. Solutions need to reach a balance between public access, environmental protection, successful business strategies and a sustainable quality of life for the resident population. A Big Sur Destination Stewardship Plan aims to be the tool to restore balance by compiling reliable data and working collaboratively. The creation of that plan is the Big Idea for this year, which will create a roadmap to next steps.

Our community can design innovative solutions to ensure that tourism benefits businesses, visitors, residents and our fragile coastline

- Butch Kronlund, ED, Community Association of Big Sur