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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Community Association of Big Sur


Our shared mission is to protect and defend the rural and residential character, and to preserve the natural and aesthetic beauty of the Big Sur coast; to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the Big Sur Community; to encourage community service and otherwise act in the interests of the residents and property owners of Big Sur. CABS is committed to a collaborative approach to responsible land stewardship. CABS believes that an effective partnership between private and public property owners is essential for a healthy and sustainable community.

The Big Idea

The Community Association of Big Sur (CABS) works to protect and defend the rural and residential character of Big Sur. CABS is committed to a collaborative approach to responsible land stewardship through a collaboration between private and public property owners. Since opening up dispersed camping in June of 2020, over 100 illegal fires have been reported. CABS’ Big Idea is to establish a wildfire prevention program, which will enable the Big Sur community to build an online database that monitors visitor activity. Additionally, the program will fund a U.S. Forest Service Visitor Use Management Plan that can be used by government agencies, elected officials and other community stakeholders to successfully address illegal campfires on Big Sur public lands. CABS believes that together, we can work to prevent wildfires.

“Visitor use and illegal campfires are out of control. Something has to be done. In the summer of 2019, my son started patrolling a dirt road to prevent illegal campfires. This has morphed into an ad hoc wildfire prevention neighborhood watch. In addition to the patrolling Big Sur Fire does each Saturday during the summer, a neighbor fire watch group formed this July 4th — six people patrolling the three back roads and others patrolling the highway. It has also been informally collecting data to show the USFS why a Visitor Use Management Plan is critical to prevent wildfire and to protect the environment from out of control overuse. CABS is willing to formalize this ad hoc group and provide software to record what we see. After 35 years of living here and watching the USFS budget and patrol of this area dwindle, I live in fear of fire each summer." Kate Novoa “Big Sur Kate”, Big Sur

- Kate Novoa

We’re In This Together

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