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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Community Builders of Monterey County


Community Builders for Monterey County’s mission is to build culture the of volunteer and community engagement that drives a healthy, thriving, and inclusive Monterey County. By connecting volunteers to community needs, we believe together we can build a dynamic, connected, and compassionate community through fostering a culture of civic participation and engagement.

The Big Idea

In the summer of 2017 Community Builders set out to build a culture of volunteerism and community engagement. Our goal has been to help everyone discover their potential and opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Now, more than ever, people are gearing up and are ready to get involved, to do good, and help others. Volunteer Connect makes it easy to find volunteer opportunities, engage with local causes and issues as well as to learn about organizations and what they do. Through the website, monthly newsletters and social media more than 90 nonprofits are able to expand their reach to fill their volunteer needs. Volunteer Connect is the one-stop-shop to explore the different ways to do good and build a better Monterey County. Your donation goes a long way to support volunteers and organizations to do more to meet local needs through the help of Volunteer Connect .

Community Builders for Monterey County (CBMC) helped me help myself find the perfect volunteer opportunity. If I hadn’t signed up with CBMC, I never would have thought of volunteering for the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum as a Monarch Docent. The services CBMC offers introduces volunteers to positions they wouldn’t find for themselves and with added volunteers, an organization can do more to fulfill its mission . If you sign-up like I did, you’ll soon be saying “I have found my perfect match! It’s a win-win for all!

- Lisa Casas