Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Community Homeless Solutions


Helping people transition to a better tomorrow.

The Big Idea

Over half of our emergency shelter guests are children (58%) and in need of activities to expend their energy and divert their thoughts from the violence that many have experienced.

Our project will turn the back yards of our domestic violence emergency shelters into retreats where our young guests can play and be kids. The project will construct sandboxes and swing sets, and offer tricycles, wagons, and ride-on toys for our kids to enjoy. These play areas will be supplied with toys, art supplies, self-care/self-esteem workbooks and videos, and children’s musical instruments. A privacy fence will be added to our Hamilton Shelter, while children-sized couches will be added to the Natividad Shelter playroom located in the back yard.

This project will enable our kids to play, exercise, and keep active, while helping them heal from the trauma of homelessness and domestic violence.

Before I joined Community Homeless Solutions I was living on a friend’s couch, bouncing around the state, lived in a drug house and strung out on meth. I realized I was too old to continue this life and the toll it had taken on me and my family. I had family that did not want to see me, children I hadn’t contacted in years, and no money or solid employment history to get back on my feet.

I came to Community Homeless Solutions with a positive attitude but hit speed bumps along the way. But with the help of my case manager I was able to overcome and succeed. Now I am exiting the program and have been clean and sober for over a year. I am working, buying a car, and will be renting an apartment with hopes to have my son move in with me.

- Chris S