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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Community Human Services


Addiction, mental illness and homelessness destroy lives and weaken families, therefore Community Human Services (CHS) provides people of all ages with the tools and support to overcome these challenges and create lasting change in their lives.

The Big Idea

Community Human Services (CHS) works to combat issues such as addiction, mental illness and homelessness. This happens in a variety of ways, but the Big Idea is Casa de Noche Buena, a homeless shelter in Seaside for women and families with children. CHS is partnering with Gathering for Women to open and operate Casa de Noche Buena, where they plan to provide 30 beds per night, 365 days a year. In addition to shelter they also hope to offer a variety of services including comprehensive case management provided by two full-time case managers; meals; access to health, mental health and substance abuse services; life skills classes; tutoring for children; internet access; laundry facilities, and more. Casa de Noche Buena is an attempt to provide a chance at normalcy to those who are struggling, with dignity and compassion.

At 22, my young daughter and I found ourselves homeless after escaping an abusive relationship. Fearing for our lives, we fled with only a backpack and no clear destination, support or plan for the future. I remember being petrified the entire time. I packed my things as fast as I could and didn’t feel safe even after I boarded the Greyhound until I was several cities away. For the next year and a half we searched for safe and stable housing. At the time I found myself homeless, I didn’t know of any resources to help me support myself and find housing. I had to piece together different supportive programs scattered across several cities to help get my footing and rebuild trust with others. This is why Casa de Noche Buena is so important: Women need a shelter where they can find trust, support, and other connections as they move towards a life of self-reliance.

- Theresa H.