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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Regeneración - Pajaro Valley Climate Action


Regeneración's mission is to achieve climate justice through community-driven solutions.

The Big Idea

Regeneración’s work is grounded in the principle that climate change is a social, economic, and environmental justice issue with local impacts, and solutions must be community-driven in order to build just, climate-resilient communities.

Since 2016 Regeneración has worked to achieve justice in partnership with many local organizations, including environmental, health, arts, and social service entities. Our Climate of Hope forums have included collaboration with and drawn widespread audiences of people working in agriculture, activists, students, and state-wide agencies.

To center equity in climate response we:
• Discover and elevate stories of how climate change is impacting our agricultural community.
• Grow young environmental justice champions, amplifying their voices, actions, and leadership.
• Inform local strategies and policies addressing climate change.
• Educate and empower actions to reduce GHG emissions.
• Partner with local governments and others to support health and well-being of all now and into the future.

I chose to volunteer with Regeneración because of their efforts to build resilient communities through addressing climate change and social justice issues. Regeneración has fostered my experiences in research, and has inspired me to continue making a positive impact by pursuing graduate-level research in climate-related studies.

- Monica Urias