Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Community Partnership for Youth


Community Partnership for Youth (CPY) is a prevention program providing positive alternatives to gangs, drugs and violence while reinforcing individual strengths. Our vision is to provide our youth with a safe, structured environment that encourages healthy boundaries, positive self-esteem and the ability to make good choices for a full and successful life.

The Big Idea

CPY believes in the power of investing in the lives of young people – so much so that we established our High School Leadership, Life Skills & Job Preparation program. High school students are taught to serve as mentors/tutors and role models for elementary and middle school youth while maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA; they also volunteer for two quarters of school or a full summer. CPY then hires those high school students. While this is an important opportunity to develop necessary job skills, it’s also a lesson in the importance of giving back to one’s community. After being around for 27 years CPY has seen the potential this can offer…which brings us to our big idea! We want to make sure that we have the resources to extend this opportunity to all of our high school students.

When I began the High School Leadership program I was timid, lacked confidence and was really quiet. CPY gave me the platform to step up to be a leader. The mentors encouraged and pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and reminded me that they understood where I was: scared and never being able to make a decision for themselves. After so many mistakes, trial and error and lots of breaks, I learned to work with children. I had also gained a voice and I started making sure I was heard. I became less afraid to volunteer at CPY and school. Eventually I became less invested in what all my friends were up to and more about bettering myself and my future. The High School Leadership Program was long and a lot of hard work. However, I am really grateful for being in the program and am proud of what it taught me about myself.

- Julissa Gonzales