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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Conservancy For The Range Of The Condor


The Conservancy for the Range of the Condor is a land trust. Its mission is to acquire critical land by buying it, by receiving it as a gift, or by otherwise acquiring rights to such land. By ‘critical,’ we mean land that is mostly undeveloped, is open space, and is adjacent to or near existing large tracts of open space or wilderness.

The Big Idea

The Conservancy for the Range of the Condor is a land trust that conserves critical, undeveloped open spaces and land. They hope to create a heritage area, defined by the range of the California condor in Monterey County, with longer-term hopes of expanding all the way to Los Angeles. They plan on collaborating with Indigenous, religious, scientific and other communities in promoting the fascinating resources of our region—not only protecting condors and land, but also adding a positive economic effect by creating an eco-tourism destination.

I have been active, in environmental advocacy in Monterey County since 1989. I am appreciative of the visionary work done by the Conservancy for the Range of the Condor in protecting and promoting the natural areas of Monterey County. They are new, but they have already acquired 300 important acres of land adjacent to the National Forest. They are using that to promote the importance and acquisition of even more wild land. They have established relationships that will allow them to assist native tribes in managing the land in the same way as hundreds of years ago. The Range of the Condor fills an important niche in Monterey County—finding and protecting crucial land that is not already protected, creating public awareness of this important task, and generally aiding in an integral and imperative solution to climate change.

- Paola Berthoin