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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

CASA of Monterey County


To train and support community volunteers who advocate for abused and neglected children placed in foster care, upholding the children's rights while pursuing a safe and permanent home.

The Big Idea

The Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program trains and supports volunteer advocates who provide a voice to children living in foster care who have been silenced by abuse and neglect. For these children, the effects of Covid-19 have only height- ened feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and exacerbated stress. It is through the CASA program that foster children receive rights- based advocacy, assurance and connection to ensure their educational, health and safety needs are met. CASA volunteers work with legal and child welfare professionals, educators, service providers, caregivers and family members, and their advocacy enables judges to make the most well-informed decision for each child. As the “eyes and ears” of the court on children’s behalf, the role of CASAs has never been more critical.

Despite my best efforts, my CASA didn’t give up on me. She would bring me books to read, take me to lunch, talk to me, really listen to me, and encourage me. The books helped me escape my reality. Her encouragement helped me build confidence and start to believe in myself…it was my CASA who spoke up for me in court and made sure I received the services I needed.

- Anonymous, Salinas