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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021



The mission of Dentistry4Vets is to provide quality dental care and dental hygiene to eligible veterans living in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties.

The Big Idea

Dental care is essential to overall health, and extended neglect of teeth can lead to poor nutrition, withdrawal from society due to embarrassment, depression, chronic pain and substance abuse. Dentistry4Vets’ Big Idea supports this nonprofit’s core mission:providing dental care to veterans, the majority of whom do not qualify for dental benefits with the VA. Dentistry4Vets partners with an impressive list of local, volunteer dentists and oral surgeons to provide high-quality restoration and replacement of teeth.

For many years I lived with the embarrassment of missing, discolored and broken front teeth. As a result, I very seldom smiled and very often I would cover my mouth with my hand as I encountered friends or neighbors. It was the main reason I was chronically unemployed as I did not have the confidence to undergo a job interview. Dentistry4Vets has changed my life; yes they have. As my photo will show, I now have a beautiful smile that I can be proud of and also so very grateful.

- Glenn Owens

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