Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

El Camino Real Futbol League


El Camino Real Futbol League aims to use the game of soccer to provide Monterey County youth with the ability to achieve academic excellence and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our program serves a largely under-served community and works to guide youth away from negative influences such as gangs and violence.

The Big Idea

Extracurricular activities provide our youth with engaging interests, keeping them away from many negative influences. Many youth from underserved communities are susceptible to drug, violence, and gang issues, reducing the likelihood that they pursue opportunities for higher education. El Camino strives to provide opportunities that will open doors to higher education utilizing something that our local youth have had a passion for since infancy... soccer. Monterey County has some of the best and brightest soccer talent but has lacked a long-term vision and the resources to maximize talent. Busy work schedules and limited financial resources prevent many parents from affording their children opportunities to play soccer with academy type training/exposure. El Camino fills that gap, offering opportunities, exposure, life skills development, support, and competitive soccer ...providing opportunities to those who would otherwise be unable to participate. Exposure includes college campus visits, opportunities to play at regional/national tournaments, Olympic development training programs, and exposure to college scouts.

El Camino provided me with the opportunity to develop my soccer skills and allowed me to learn how to be a team player! Through El Camino, I learned how to work together with others, and how to become a leader. I learned that I needed to keep my grades up and be healthy so that I could play soccer in college. Thanks to the support and guidance I got with El Camino, I became a good player and was able to get accepted to a well-known academy and now have a full-ride scholarship to a DI college, where I will begin my college career next month. I got my start with El Camino and owe so much of my success to El Camino's programs. I hope to be able to come back to the community once I finish with college and work with El Camino so that I can provide other kids in Monterey County with the same support, guidance, and opportunity that El Camino gave to me.