Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Elkhorn Slough Foundation


The mission of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation is to conserve and restore the Elkhorn Slough and its watershed.

The Big Idea

The Elkhorn Slough is known for its large population of Southern sea otters. As we’ve gone about our business to protect the waterway and its wildlife habitat, we’ve acquired more than 1,500 acres of contiguous property in the hillsides north-east of the slough. By restoring and caring for this land, we inherently also create new and better habitat for the wildlife that calls the hillsides home.

Deer, bobcat, mountain lion, quail, coyotes and more roam the meadows and hills. ESF has created wildlife corridors, helping wildlife coexist with us. This year, we want to enhance this wildlife habitat with sustainable watering holes (directing animals away from residential areas while quenching their thirst), removing old barbed-wire fencing that can injure wildlife, adding bird houses, and adding wildlife cameras to help monitor the activity.

Our Big Idea is to steward and enhance wild lands for the benefit of wild animals and people, too.

Elkhorn Slough watershed serves as an important wildlife habitat and linkage between other conserved lands in the landscape dominated by intensive agriculture. I am supportive and grateful for Elkhorn Slough Foundation's efforts to conserve and restore Elkhorn Slough watershed, and to educate community members to learn about the natural history and the biological significance of this unique habitat.

- Bart Kowalski