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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Elkhorn Slough Foundation


The mission of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation is to conserve and restore Elkhorn Slough and its watershed. We see Elkhorn Slough and its watershed protected forever—a working landscape, where people, farming, industry, and nature thrive together.

The Big Idea

For nearly 30 years, the Elkhorn Slough Foundation has diligently worked to acquire, restore and protect land in the ecologically vibrant Elkhorn Slough watershed. More than 4,200 acres are protected by this nonprofit, aided by its Big Idea: engaging volunteers in ongoing land management. Volunteer work helps to reduce fire hazards, sequester carbon and sustain biodiversity. Healthy ecosystems provide clean air and water, offer recreation and help create greater resilience in light of sea level rise and other effects of the climate crisis.

"The team of folks at Elkhorn Slough have undertaken the most ambitious restoration of tidal wetlands and upland habitats here in the central Monterey Bay area. They are guided by science and assisted and encouraged by the community, including a new generation of students and volunteers. I am energized and encouraged by their efforts and am confident this will increase resilience of our coastal environments." - Dr. Ivano Aiello, Professor and Interim Director, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

- Dr. Ivano Aiello

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