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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Everyone's Harvest


Everyone's Harvest's mission is to provide access to healthy, affordable fruits and vegetables through certified farmers’ markets and community food programs.

The Big Idea

Everyone’s Harvest provides an essential community resource: safe farmers markets and outdoor access points for healthy, local, delicious fruits and vegetables. Serving more than 2,500 families each week in Salinas, Marina and Pacific Grove, their five markets provide a safe outdoor grocery shopping experience, and help meet the challenges of food insecurity and nutritional health. Innovative partnerships help make produce available to everyone. Low-income families can use public food assistance benefits (CalFresh) and double their buying power through Market Match. Partnerships with physicians mean patients can receive Fresh Rx “prescriptions” to support fresh, healthy produce as a healthcare intervention.

Thanks to Everyone Harvest, I can 'prescribe' the best 'medicine' for my patients: fresh organic fruits and vegetables in our farmers markets. On behalf of my patients, our most sincere gratitude.

- Dr. Pedro Moreno