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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Suicide Prevention Service of the Central Coast


Suicide Prevention Service is a program dedicated to providing services that support life and promote health and safety. We recognize the importance of feeling heard, accepted and validated. Our services in Monterey County assist those in need to reach out for help, express their thoughts and feelings, and to find safety.

The Big Idea

Most people thinking about suicide don’t want to die, but they need help deciding to stay alive. Suicide Prevention Service of the Central Coast provides services that support life. We operate a free, confidential, and multilingual suicide crisis line serving those in need in Monterey County. Toll-Free 1-877-ONE-LIFE (663-5433) Training and outreach services are provided to the community, teaching how to recognize the warning signs and the thoughts of suicide while empowering individuals to reach out for help. We partner with local school districts and a diverse range of organizations to train administrators, teachers, clinicians, law enforcement officers, and others with the most effective techniques for intervention supporting those considering suicide.

Thank you for coming. You talked in my brother’s class earlier this year and he put your card on our fridge. He doesn’t know it but I’ve called the line four times. They’ve been really helpful.

- Anonymous student, Salinas