Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Farm Discovery


Farm Discovery at Live Earth empowers youth and families to build and sustain healthy food, farming, social and natural systems. By developing environmental literacy, teaching farming skills, and transforming food habits that support personal, community and environmental health we encourage students to build a relationship with food that is healthy for people, the environment, and the economy.

The Big Idea

Help bring Monterey County students to Farm Discovery through school field trips, where they will engage in hands-on, interactive learning about food, farming, nutrition, and nature.

Farm Discovery has been offering field trips on our organic family farm setting since our inception in 2007. We integrate California Education and the Environment Initiative curriculum materials with hands-on learning activities provided by our organic farm – our outdoor classroom featuring fifty different fruit and vegetable crops; the Green Valley Creek corridor, a tributary of the Pajaro River watershed; and a variety of water, soil, and energy conservation projects.

Students who visit Farm Discovery learn about where food comes from, how it is grown, and how to make healthy choices for their bodies and the planet. In a community surrounded by farms big and small, our field trips bring students in direct contact with the agricultural world, teaching them the value of farming, fresh food, and a healthy environment.

Farm Discovery is fundraising in order to expand our field trip programs to reach the underserved schools in North Monterey County and Salinas.

I loved picking and eating berries, making pickles, popsicles and zucchini bread, feeding goats, touching a cow, walking up the big hills and playing with other kids. I had never seen these animals, planted anything or baked bread before coming. I liked the black chicken, she was so sweet!