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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

First Night Monterey


The mission of First Night Monterey, Inc. is to bring families together and unite our community in all its diversity through the visual and performing arts, to foster the public’s appreciation of visual and performing arts and to celebrate families and community through workshops and the New Year‘s Eve celebration. First Night Monterey programs are designed to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds and to broaden and deepen public appreciation of the arts. The centerpiece of First Night Monterey is our alcohol-free celebration on New Year's Eve in downtown Monterey. In 2014 First Night launched the Greenfield Cultural Arts Center providing free arts programing to the migrant farming community.

The Big Idea

The Greenfield Cultural Arts Center strives to ensure that the power of the arts is accessible to all by creating a safe place to make art and learn music and dance. Our mission is to expand capabilities, confidence and the quality of life for children and adults by providing programs in dance, drama, music and the visual arts. Art for All program also showcases the arts with free exhibitions and presentations. We are guided by the belief that the arts are a universal and essential language that challenge people to respond to the world, look beyond themselves and celebrates diversity by building bridges between people, across cultures and through generations.

As the Branch Manager at the Greenfield Library, I have seen first hand the positive and profound impacts the Greenfield Arts Center has had on the youth of Greenfield. The kids are excited to learn about art and share with others what they have learned. The art center is a safe place for all to enjoy and see art truly come to life through costume design, dance, music, and cultural diversity. The kids attending the summer art camp share with us at the library with excitement and enthusiasm what they have been learning about each week, it is a joy to see the kids so engaged and excited to continue to learn and experience art.

- Dawn Vest