Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Food Bank for Monterey County


Our mission is “to lead community efforts in the awareness and elimination of hunger in Monterey County” by providing food that assuages hunger and addresses nutritional concerns.

The Big Idea

Our BIG IDEA is to provide free fresh produce at easily accessible locations for residents in need, especially children, seniors, veterans, homeless persons, and farmworkers, who are at highest risk for hunger and chronic illnesses caused by insufficient nutrition. Monterey ranks among the highest of all 58 counties in food insecurity, child poverty, and incidence of Type 2 diabetes. 34% of residents struggle with hunger, severely impacting our county’s economic, social, educational, and healthcare systems. No aspect of community life is untouched. We partner with local ag to divert good produce from landfills and into the hands of residents in need. Programs include Family Market, which provides produce in a setting reminiscent of a traditional farmers market, Farmworkers Mobile Produce Pantry, which delivers directly onto the fields at the end of the workday, and Senior Produce and Youth Markets that deliver to senior centers and afterschool programs respectively.

“I can’t afford the healthy items I need to manage my diabetes and the Food Bank’s free produce makes it possible for me eat well.”

- Tom S.