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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries


The Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries (FMCFL) believes in the power of libraries to enrich and change the lives of Monterey County residents, each of whom deserves equal access to information that will open windows to a larger world. FMCFL’s mission is to assure and accelerate the mission of the MCFL system by providing resources and outreach.

The Big Idea

Everyone should have access to books and knowledge, regardless of social or economic setbacks. That is the guiding principle for Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries (FMCFL). Their MORE (Materials, Options, and Resources for Everyone Regardless of Ability) project seeks to provide new books, technology and supplies to libraries from Aromas to San Ardo. From their bookmobiles to their adaptive reading technology, the nonprofit looks to include everyone in their work supporting the Monterey County Free Libraries system, with a mission of creating an inclusive learning environment with equal opportunity for everyone.

Anybody that has a sensory condition like me finds it difficult to participate in everyday activities like reading or watching movies. Thanks to the new technology our libraries brought in, people like me are not being held back anymore. Now that I learned how to use the Magnifier with speech, I can read all those books again that I used to enjoy. I just do it a little differently now. I’m so excited!

- Brenda Guevara

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

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