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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Return of the Natives


The Mission of Return of the Natives is "bringing people to nature and nature to people through hands-on experiences restoring nature and through environmental education"

The Big Idea

Return of the Natives (RON) restores natural habitats and creates and supports school gardens throughout Monterey County. Their Big Idea is to share nature’s healing power while inviting individuals, families and groups to come out to Monterey County’s damaged natural areas—and get their hands dirty planting native plants. The list of benefits, from attracting pollinators to water retention, is long. RON is planning at least 15 weekend planting events for next year, during which over 10,000 native plants will be planted. Volunteer stewards will be able to participate, while maintaining all Covid-19 safety protocols.

Being a part of the Restore-ers Team through Return of the Natives has helped me get closer to the environment and to understand how my seemingly small actions can make a big impact in my community. Participating in RON planting events has made me feel connected to native plants, fellow volunteers, and the natural world. A small seed planted through volunteering can make a huge positive change to not only our community but to the Earth as well.

- Jose Mendoza-Perez