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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science (MAOS)


The Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science, located at Monterey High School, prepares public high school students from throughout Monterey County for academic and career success. This is accomplished through a challenging curriculum enhanced by collaboration with the many marine related academic programs, research organizations and businesses in the area. Students achieve success through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach to science and technology, with an emphasis on real-world problems, contact with oceanographic experts, hands-on science labs, field studies, and internships.

The Big Idea

MAOS students will create a 3D product that demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired both in and out of the classroom. Students will weave together the learning modules from different subject matters to culminate in a unit-ending 3D printed project. Students will learn and apply technology to real life situations through various disciplines that address educational and community needs, such as ocean and coastal conservation. Our goal is to have a dedicated 3D printing maker space so students can apply learning in ways that foster entrepreneurship, engineering skills and interpersonal skills. We would also like to have a mobile 3D printing cart that could be transported between classrooms in support of the maker space.

I am grateful to be a part of this academy and experience all MAOS has to offer their students. I was opened up to many opportunities throughout the last three years which helped shape who I am today. One opportunity I was given was the biotechnology pathway, offered for the students involved in MAOS. I was also greatly impacted by the MAOS internship opportunity. Throughout high school I struggled with finding my interest and what I wanted to pursue. The internship program allowed me to choose an internship in a field I wanted to explore. The combination of the pathways and connections MAOS has provided me led me to an internship in a chemistry lab for a wastewater district. MAOS helped me discover my interest in chemical engineering and I now plan to study this field in college.

- Magnus Lauer