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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Fund for Homeless Women


We envision a future in which every woman has access to safe affordable housing

The Big Idea

On any given day emergencies occur for all of us, but are more critical for homeless women due to lack of resources. Because many of these situations need immediate attention the Fund for Homeless Women would provide the organizations that we serve emergency funding that can be accessed immediately. Emergency situations such a flat tire or low gasoline that prevent a woman from reaching safe parking. Or the woman that has a job interview and does not have the funds for quality childcare. Or the woman who is in the verge of homelessness and needs immediate funding to enable her to stay in her home. Eligible activities could include but not limited to rental assistance, utility assistance, moving costs, quality childcare, personal care, transportation and emergency housing. Unexpected things happen and we want to be there to provide immediate help.

I have been a supporter of the Fund for Homeless Women since its origin. I see so clearly the important role it plays in advocating for single homeless women who are living without shelter through its educational programs and targeted grants. Until the Fund began its work, there were no non profits focused on supporting these vulnerable women. An investment in the Fund for Homeless Women goes directly to the programs serving women in need. I feel great being a part of that.

- Karin Strasser Kauffman