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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Gil Basketball Academy


GBA’s mission is to empower youth by developing their athletic skills, leadership, work ethic, world view, and enhancing their commitment to the community.

The Big Idea

During the pandemic, many young people are experiencing mental health challenges. Gil Basketball Academy offers a podcast to motivate youth by interviewing inspirational speakers specifically trained to work with young people and address these issues. GBA usually offers school-based athletic support, but is adapting during this period of remote learning. The podcast emphasizes responsibility, resilience, self-care and fitness, focusing on building skills for life and success. The podcast will cover topics ranging from college to mental health to health and fitness. They will also be inviting young people to take part in the interviews to develop their communication skills.

Gil Basketball Academy is a family for me, with coaches and parents who care about me as a person, not just a player. The people in this academy support, motivate, and help me stay on track with sports and also education. I have not only learned important life skills, but also to give back to our community. They have taught me to be respectful and humble with others, off and on the court.

- Roberto Mendoza