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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Girls Inc. of the Central Coast


To inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold and to respect themselves and the world around them.

The Big Idea

Growing Together is a Girls Inc. program designed to increase positive communication between girls ages 9-12 and their mothers (or another significant adult like a sister, aunt, grandma or dad). Girls Inc. hopes to support girls and their moms by creating a safe space where they come together once a week for five weeks. At these meetings, they will partake in a series of diverse activities and learn about different topics that can assist in the changes they are or will be going through. Through the program, girls gain valuable life experience, problem-solving strategies, positive communication skills, knowledge about their health and changes in their bodies, and the importance of values and setting goals.

My experience with Girls Inc. was amazing. I am a very outspoken person but my daughter is not—she is the complete opposite. She would rather just not talk about things that would make her uncomfortable, but ever since we did Girls Inc., all of that changed. She became more outspoken and [the program] helped me better communicate with her in a way that would not make her uncomfortable. Being able to participate in the activities where we got to practice our problem-solving skills, learned about health together, and even shared our goals and dreams; we feel more connected with each other and have made it a goal to spend more time with one another.

- Karina Rangetl