Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Golden Oldies Cat Rescue


To re-home older cats who are at risk of euthanasia in area shelters or whose guardians can no longer care for them. Placing these cats in foster care and then finding permanent loving homes, enriching the lives of both the cats and their new families.

The Big Idea

We say "Older Cats … New Beginnings", but there can be no new beginnings without foster volunteers. For cats to come into our program, we must have foster homes to place them. Fosters are the most critical element to our continued success. The number of requests we receive for help to re-home older cats has increased significantly. Currently, we do not have enough fosters available to meet the demand. We want to change that! Our goal is to double the number of fosters in order to double the number of cats we are able to re-home. Recruitment efforts will be significantly expanded throughout the community, including newly designed orientation sessions for people who are considering fostering. One-on-one training will be provided along with printed materials and on-going open communication with fosters to address any concerns they have. Any items fosters need will be provided – crates, litter boxes, beds, cat trees, toys, whatever! We ask fosters to provide food and litter, but if they can’t afford it, we provide that, too. We are determined to identify and remove barriers that prevent people from fostering. That’s how we will give many more older cats their new beginning.

Golden Oldies gives in many ways. It gives the gift of longer lives to older cats at risk. It gives people who foster an opportunity to help make our community a bit more noble, to help save innocent animals, to feel the powerful energy of being part of something special. I fostered Polo, a 16-year-old Maine Coon cat because I care, I want to help. Golden Oldies eased his guardian of the anguish of uncertainty of her beloved pet's future, and I got a new, mellow companion that took my heart with his first meow. It is a joy, a pleasure, to help hands-on. I wasn't on my own when I fostered. Golden Oldies was there offering guidance and aid. They provide food, litter, vet care, all gratis if I couldn't manage it. They are generous with advice and support. What a wonderful group! I adopted Polo and I know when the time comes, Golden Oldies will be there to find my cats new loving homes.

- Jeannie Rueter