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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Golden Oldies Cat Rescue


Golden Oldies Cat Rescue re-homes cats 6 and older from Monterey County whose guardians can no longer care for them or who are at risk in shelters. We place these cats, who have no other options of a safe place to go, into temporary foster care. We then find them permanent loving homes, enriching the lives of both the cats and their new families.

The Big Idea

Golden Oldies Cat Rescue is the only older cat-exclusive rescue in Monterey County. Cats ages 6 and older are vulnerable to being overlooked in shelters and at increased risk of euthanasia. Golden Oldies’ Big Idea is to continue rescuing these cats from shelters and place them in foster care. This organization provides all medical care and pet supplies for every foster placement and also offers temporary foster care and a Matchmaker Fund to help cat owners and Golden Oldies cats stay together forever.

"I did not have a life and Tilly and Artemis [adopted in January 2021] have really made a big impact. I needed them and they needed me. There's now someone who cares that I'm coming home. For anyone who takes on an older animal, there's a sense of peace. Somebody loved them before and you're picking up where they left off. I think people don't realize how nice older cats are. They have these personalities, they're patient and they're trained. They enhance your life. They add a different dimension, especially for people who are alone. It's the idea that you have somebody to care for and that they need somebody. The older ones have so much to give. They don't demand anything except that you take care of them -- and they are so thankful for that."

- Judy Nail

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