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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Greenfield Community Science Workshop


The mission of the Greenfield Community Science Workshop (Greenfield CSW), a program of the City of Greenfield, is to serve as South Monterey County's science education resource center, available to students, teachers, families, and citizens interested in science learning and discovery through interaction and contact with the physical and natural word.

The Big Idea

The ScienceMobile (Ciencia Ambulante) is an interactive science museum on wheels housed in a decommissioned cargo truck. Offering 324 enrichment sessions across South Monterey County, this unique initiative engages students with interactive exhibits covering electricity, magnetism, fluid dynamics, and more. Each session, integrated into the After School Safety and Education Program, inspires 25 students per gathering, resulting in 8,100 unique learning experiences. The initiative is not merely instructive; it cultivates curiosity, problem-solving, and self-guided exploration, essential skills in the modern world. The impact is reflected in student feedback, with 93% showing increased interest in science, 88% making new discoveries, and 70% actively inquiring about exhibit workings. Primarily serving Hispanic, English language learners, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students, ScienceMobile aims to narrow the educational opportunity gap, promoting accessible, inclusive scientific education for all.

As a school principal and community member in Greenfield, I can personally attest to the transformative effect that the Greenfield Community Science Workshop (CSW) has had on our students and wider community. Historically, families in the Salinas Valley have sought more resources to support their children's academic pursuits - a need the Greenfield CSW has tirelessly addressed by providing resources tailored to science and engineering career pathways. Their commitment to making STEAM engaging and relevant to our local population is palpable in all their interactions and programs. Furthermore, the support from the Greenfield CSW extends to our after-school initiatives, furnishing essential materials for engineering projects and delivering enriching, hands-on experiences. The Greenfield CSW brings unique and innovative services to our community, services previously inaccessible to underprivileged sectors. The Greenfield CSW is an invaluable asset to both Greenfield and the broader Salinas Valley.

- Verónica Hernández