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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Greenfield Community Science Workshop


The mission of the Greenfield Community Science Workshop (Greenfield CSW), a program of the City of Greenfield, is to serve as South Monterey County's science education resource center, available to students, teachers, families, and citizens interested in science learning and discovery through interaction and contact with the physical and natural word.

The Big Idea

The Greenfield Community Science Workshop aims to narrow the educational opportunity gap by providing local youth and their families free access to innovative science-focused learning spaces. They encourage curiosity and exploration of science and natural phenomena in an open manner that allows maximum self-guided learning and individual discovery, serving thousands of kids through their programs at their workshop, local schools and libraries. They hope to serve thousands more by taking their mobile workshop and their science-mobile to community spaces where a lot of kids live, and few services reach.

Greenfield Community Science Workshop fills the science-shaped hole that exists in Greenfield. They demonstrate science’s value. In some cases, it may be the only place for kids to learn what science really is and why it’s worth exploring, to discover that the word ‘scientist’ can apply to them at all.

- Sam Tidwell