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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Harmony At Home


To end the cycles of violence and abuse by empowering children and young adults with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead healthy and productive lives.

The Big Idea

The goal of Harmony at Home is to put an end to the cycles of violence and abuse faced by so many children and adolescents. They work to empower children and young adults with the necessary knowledge and skills required to lead a healthy and productive life, while building confidence and self-esteem. The Big Idea is to provide social and emotional support services for Monterey County’s most traumatized children and families. They are working toward creating access to mental health, parent education and bullying prevention services virtually and in person, when safe to do so, throughout Monterey County. In response to Covid-19, Harmony at Home has moved into a new way of delivering services, both virtually and in person, to best serve each student, family and school.

Harmony At Home has provided a service for our members and their families with consistency and care for several years in our Seaside Clubhouse. There have been numerous instances when staff exhausted all attempts to support a member experiencing the effects of trauma and some, in crisis. Members are never turned away from Harmony At Home. They are welcomed by the on-site counselor and look forward to the time they have a safe, private space to learn coping skills, decompress and learn ways to express themselves. I can’t imagine not having access to Harmony At Home counselors in our Clubhouse. We are beyond grateful for the services they provide. December 2019 Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County

- Marlene Trotter-Murray