Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Hartnell College Foundation


At the Hartnell College Foundation, our vision is to inspire philanthropy and partnerships that transform the lives of our students and strengthen our communities.

The mission of Hartnell College Foundation is to cultivate resources to champion student success.

The Big Idea

Scholarships for students in need.

Higher education is a gateway for a better future for students and the Salinas Valley. Hartnell College develops students into the future leaders of our community. Support from the community enabled Hartnell to provide over $650,000 in student scholarships and internships. This support allows our students to achieve their educational dreams and build a stronger community for tomorrow.

Scholarships have a profound impact on students’ lives. This support is often the difference between a student continuing their education and having to make the crushing decision to give up their education to support themselves and their families. Join in supporting Hartnell’s Student Success Scholarship Campaign by giving the gift of opportunity and education.

I have loved being a student at Hartnell because everyone is so supportive, it’s like a family! Faculty provide opportunities and push you to succeed. I will transfer over to receive my bachelor’s and then pursue my master’s in Electrical Engineering. After working in the industry, I want to be a professor at a Community College so I can help students pursue their goals. I have received scholarships to assist me in my pursuit for higher education and I am grateful to have been part of the 10th Annual STEM Summer Internship Program and work alongside professionals.

— Adela Zamora, Salinas