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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Healing and Reconciliation Institute


The Healing and Reconciliation Institute uses evidence-based reconciliation tools and practices to help heal racial and historical divides. We support trauma-informed and indigenous-origin healing services for communities, offered by licensed and authorized volunteer healers. Coupled with our ongoing planning workshops with community leaders, these methods help facilitate a more cohesive, interconnected community where all groups and races can better work together towards multicultural community reconciliation events of the community’s own design.

The Big Idea

In 2020, we will host the first annual weekend workshop to help heal survivors of sex trafficking who live in Monterey County, led by survivors and supported by mental health professional.

The Healing and Reconciliation Institute has given me the support and opportunity I have needed to develop my potential in my community as a leader.

- Cari Herthel