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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Healing Partners of the Central Coast


Our mission is to promote health, healing and wholeness across our community by:
- Providing Healing Touch therapy to cancer patients and their caregivers to improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being
- Training and supporting an expanding group of highly qualified Healing Touch Providers
- Increasing access by expanding Healing Touch into new healthcare settings across the Central Coast.

The Big Idea

Healing Partners of the Central Coast is dedicated to easing the impact medical interventions have on cancer patients, by introducing them to Healing Touch (HT), an energy therapy that supports them in mind, body and spirit. Through our Healing Partners Program, we provide patients and their caregivers with a series of HT sessions that reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. During sessions patients experience deep relaxation that enhances their healing ability while increasing well-being and restoring resilience
“I gained some of the best advice and tools for my walk through this [cancer] journey from Healing Partners. My encounters were a gentle refuge during the biggest challenge of my life. I hope this work can continue.”
Our focus is on raising program awareness, increasing our provider base, and adding treatment locations to increase accessibility — especially in underserved areas.

With community support, we can assure this expansion.

I have been amazed at the ability of Healing Touch to help patients through their chemotherapy and cancer journey. The patients on chemo who participate in the program consistently have fewer side effects and better-coping skills, thanks to these energy healers. Through my patients and my own experience with Healing Touch, I know how fortunate we are to have such an amazing, free program here.

- Dr. Nancy Rubin, Oncologist Pacific Cancer Care