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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Healing Partners of the Central Coast


Healing Partners of the Central Coast (HPCC) promotes health, healing, and wholeness by:
• Providing Healing Touch to cancer patients and their caregivers
• Training and supporting an expanding group of Providers
• Extending Healing Touch to new healthcare settings 

The Big Idea

HANDS: Healing Partners of the Central Coast (HPCC) offers eight free Healing Touch (HT) therapy sessions to those diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers. HT is a proven, evidence-based integrative therapy utilized in major cancer centers across the U.S. HPCC’s Providers offer personalized care to address the challenging symptoms of cancer and medical interventions. In a peaceful setting, Providers use their hands (above the body) to execute techniques designed to address specific side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The HT sessions provide a deep sense of relaxation that supports the body’s own innate ability to heal. Patients report the highest levels of satisfaction.

HEARTS: With a dedicated team of highly qualified HT Providers, HPCC facilitates community health and well-being with compassion, integrity, professionalism, and the highest standards of care. Closely partnering with local oncologists, and with a commitment to patient-centered service, HPCC volunteer Providers have facilitated over 7,000 sessions for cancer patients. In June 2023, HPCC began a collaborative pilot program with Montage Health Foundation and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula to bring the powerful benefits of HT to cancer inpatients. HPCC’s community outreach also includes an alliance with Central Coast Functional Restoration Program (CCFRP) to support chronic pain sufferers. CCFRP also provides the treatment room that allows HT access for Salinas Valley cancer patients.

HEALING: Hands and hearts working together is how the healing starts and how a community dedicated to exceptional supportive care unites, flourishes, and grows. At HPCC our purpose is clear — helping every cancer patient and their caregivers gain comfort, strength, and the personalized, holistic care they need to meet the challenges of this disease. HPCC is committed to advancing HT across the Central Coast and improving the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of our community. Together, we are stronger than cancer.

The patients on chemo who participate in HPCC’s Healing Touch program consistently have less side effects and better coping skills, thanks to these energy healers. Through my patients and my own personal experience with Healing Touch, I know how fortunate we are to have such an amazing, free program here.

- Nancy Rubin, Oncologist, Pacific Cancer Care