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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Health Projects Center


Health Projects Center supports people to age and live safely at home by delivering high quality services and programs in the Monterey Bay Region.

The Big Idea

Health Projects Center hopes to build a community where people age at home with health and dignity, receiving supportive healthcare and social services in the least restrictive environment possible. In times of Covid-19, all of the nonprofit’s services for more than 400 low-income elders are still being continued and have been adapted for safety. The organization works with the Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center, supporting more than 800 local family caregivers annually to provide and sustain quality care for their loved ones, and to take better care of their own physical and mental health. They also support the local healthcare workforce (with emphasis on underserved communities) to more effectively address geriatrics and in-home care management.

Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center has helped me very much, I feel in control of the situation, I feel more positive, less stress and less overwhelmed. I have a better understanding of dementia...it has been wonderful having this program.

- Helen Solano