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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Henry Miller Library (HML)


The Henry Miller Memorial Library, Inc. (HMML) is a public benefit, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization championing the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist, and Big Sur resident Henry Miller. The Library serves as a social center for the community and as an arts and cultural resource center, functioning as a public gallery /performance/workshop space for artists, writers, musicians and students. The Library also supports education in the arts and the local environment, advocating for the preservation of Big Sur.

The Big Idea

We’re not just about trying to do nothing; we're also trying to spread knowledge about, and celebrate, our community, and its artistic and cultural heritage. We are active guardians of Big Sur's treasures. We’ve archives of materials, including books, posters, letters, and art. We're also on a mission to raise awareness about the rich legacies that surround us, as well as the vital role our community plays to protect this unique, sensitive environment. We're serious about preserving our precious Big Sur for future generations. And we’re serious about providing an array of performances, events, social gatherings and more! Stop by! Relax! Breathe in the smells of the luscious ferns and Redwoods. Enjoy our Gallery and Savor All that the Library offers!

The Henry Miller Memorial Library is an inspiring Big Sur destination, nestled among the redwoods, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here one can sit, relax. and pick up one of their vast arrays of stimulating books. Additional cultural and intellectual curating is accomplished by the library’s Director, Magnus Torén, who brings the history of Big Sur to life through his regular podcast interviews with residents. He and his staff bring intellectual and artistic offerings from local and internationally known visual and performing artists. The Library offers so much to me and our Big Sur community – I need not search for more! Thank you!

- Mary Ann Vasconcellos