Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Henry Miller Library


The Henry Miller Library is a public benefit, non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization championing the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist, and Big Sur resident Henry Miller. The Library also serves as a cultural resource center, functioning as a public gallery/performance/workshop space for artists, writers, musicians and students. In addition, the Library supports education in the arts and the local environment. Finally, the Library serves as a social center for the community.

The Big Idea

Bringing the area’s people who hold our heritage and stories to the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur.

Countless individuals across our community have stories to tell and knowledge to share. History buffs, authors, writers, musicians, professionals—the list is endless. The Henry Miller Library will go out and find them and provide a space where they can tell them. The ‘idea’ is really that – to proactively go out and find them. There are so many beautiful and meaningful stories hiding behind locked doors, behind self-doubt and a sense of being uninteresting or unworthy. Just like Henry Miller, the author and artist we are commemorating, we are passionate about the people, the art and the creativity of our community at large and we want to solicit as many life affirming and inspiring stories as possible!

It’s Sunday night, and the lights are out in Big Sur’s Grange Hall as a room full of the area’s longtime residents listen to recorded stories about their neighbors by candlelight. It is the launch party for Big Sur Stories, a project spearheaded by the Henry Miller Memorial Library and Executive Director Magnus Toren, to collect tales and anecdotes from locals who have lived in the rugged region for decades. At moments, the packed community center is so quiet that you can hear a redwood needle drop, while at other times, laughter spreads through the building like a backcountry wildfire. / Stuart Thornton, CW October 29, 2015

— Stuart Thornton, Age 30, Monterey