Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Hidden Hills Ranch


Our mission is to utilize our beautiful facility to connect children and families to nature and the arts in order to educate and grow. The many rescue animals, educational gardens, orchard, pond, trails and arenas lend themselves to provide hope, healing, learning and fun!

The Big Idea

We have provided successful programs for children from preschool age to high school for many years at our ranch facility. We have been incorporating STEAM components as we are able. Our BIG IDEA would provide funding to supply new STEAM based curriculum and staff development to be used in our unique and engaging environment. Studies show how important STEAM is to a well rounded education. Since we are vendors for charter schools and homeschooling families as well as students with special needs, they often don't have access to many STEAM programs. We have the perfect opportunity to expand specifically our current music, art and science programs. Outdoor nature preschool, animal, music, gardening and art programs (and therapy) have the potential to make a huge impact in our community. More students with special needs will have the opportunity to learn in an atmosphere unlike any other. Rescue animals of all varieties are used in many capacities at the ranch. Both the animals and the students of all ages and abilities would benefit from more opportunities for hands on exploration and discovery in the fields of STEAM.

Our family absolutely loves Hidden Hills Ranch. It has given my daughter confidence and a purpose. She struggles with dyslexia and school is really hard but her work with the horses is easy on her brain and rewarding. She really connected with a rescue pony that had been abused prior to coming to Hidden Hills. The pony learned to trust her and they are now special buddies. Hidden Hills Ranch is a special place that fosters kindness for all animals and people.

- Kristen Rhodes