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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Hidden Valley Music Seminars, An Institute of the Arts


Hidden Valley Music Seminars was founded to offer training opportunities of excellence in music and the arts. Focused primarily on young artists, Hidden Valley also offers classes to adults and fosters selected community arts activities. It operates major programs in chamber music, orchestral and choral music, opera, and dance.

The Big Idea

The Hidden Valley Music Seminars campus has a stage, but also dorm rooms that invite music students to spend time on-site, truly immersed in residential master classes with an expert musician. Those programs culminate with a public concert featuring young artists. Beyond its goal of helping young musicians achieve excellence, Hidden Valley also offers adult classes and some community activities on-site, as well as using its stage for other performing arts groups. After closing for the pandemic the campus is open again, and the Big Idea is for Hidden Valley to continue to be an inviting place for audiences to experience quality performances in an inclusive environment.

Many small, local organizations are given the opportunity to rehearse and perform at Hidden Valley. It is not just a venue but also a catalyst for community.

- Rick Yramategui

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