Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Hidden Valley Music Seminars


Hidden Valley was founded to offer excellence in training opportunities in music and the arts. Focused primarily on young artists, Hidden Valley also offers classes to adults and fosters selected community arts activities. It operates major programs in chamber music, orchestral, and choral music.

The Big Idea

Throughout its 56 year history, Hidden Valley Music Seminars has made the periodic use of its beautiful campus available to other community arts and educational organizations. Recent campus expansion and improvements have allowed more outside use and we want to be able to expand it even further. A good example of that use is the fact that Youth Music Monterey County does all of its rehearsals and some chamber concerts in our theatre without charge.

Tularcitos School loves Hidden Valley! Tular has worked closely with HV for many years. HV has donated its facility for art shows, music events, after school programs, and Parents events. Hidden Valley is the reason the area has been fortunate enough to be exposed to Cultural and Musical events that otherwise would never come this way. We cannot express how much Hidden Valley contributes to this community and what a valuable asset it is to the surrounding area.
Ryan Peterson, Principal, Tularcitos School

- Ryan Peterson