Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Hijos Del Sol Arts


The mission of Hijos del Sol is to provide habitual studio space, instruction and materials at no cost to all illustrators and image creators while fostering the value of a college education.

The Big Idea

Hijos del Sol Arts Productions (HDS) has provided art programming in East Salinas and throughout Monterey County since 1994. Each year, more than 300 students become engaged in the arts through partnerships established between HDS and elementary schools, community libraries and youth initiatives.

All HDS programs teach core principals and life skills such as collaboration, teamwork, commitment to excellence, cultural arts and traditions.

HDS provides studio space, instruction, tools and materials at no cost to all image and product creators while fostering the value of a college education. Many of HDS students face challenges such as homelessness and poverty that affect their foundation and have great need for a haven.

HDS collaborates with other institutions to host free community art exhibitions each year such as the Dias de Los Muertos and A Toda Madre, where students showcase their masterpieces for all to appreciate. Students also learn the process of curating an exhibit as well the development of their careers in the arts.

I can still perceive the essence of the room as I entered. There was incredible works of art everywhere and the unforgettable smell of paint filled my lungs. I was 12 years old and I did not speak English, but I knew how to draw. I can remember the excitement I felt being part of the micro-universe by the name of Hijos del Sol. Soon after, my involvement with Hijos del Sol became inevitable. My interest and skills developed and shaped me into an image creator. I desired to take part in exhibitions and work in murals. Once in the HDS program my life intrinsically directed me to study my passion. I have graduated from CSUMB with a BA in visual and public art. I will continue to exercise my skills as an image creator in continue my collaboration with Hijos del Sol.

- Juan Carlos Padilla