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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Hijos del Sol


Hijos del Sol creates opportunities, inspires children and youth, and builds community in the Salinas Valley through visual and multicultural arts education, experiences and mentorship, where young people are respected, develop artistic and life skills, and explore and embrace their cultural identities.

The Big Idea

Hijos del Sol’s young participants of the Migrant Education Center receive professional instruction in illustration, painting, digital/media arts, sculpting, and fabrication. Mural painting is also taught with an emphasis on history, culture, and philosophy. Utilizing the method of trial and error, practice with various forms of art mediums expands the student’s sense of value for numerous subject matters, materials, tools, and time.

Participants are provided 1) a large variety of materials and supplies, 2) open space to create freely, 3) the freedom to be authentic and true to self, and 4) other people present who are willing to be creative together.

Illustrators develop skills that will serve them in life and in future careers. Our cohort of Apprentices assist with instruction, virtual content creations, and exhibit installation, while we offer them guidance in career development and an opportunity to earn income while attending college or launching an entrepreneurial startup.

La mejor cosa de Hijos del Sol es que puedo expresarme como quiero. I have been coming to Hijos del Sol for 8 years. I want to be a lawyer, but I will always stay involved with Hijos del Sol. I can see the kids are comfortable and are happy they are here. They are happy because they are free to create and happy to spend time with the other people here. Being part of Hijos del Sol is so meaningful to me that I want it to be part of my life forever. And, I want to keep it going for other kids.

- Angel Confidential