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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Hope, Horses & Kids


Hope, Horses & Kids nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of children and youth with special needs and from disadvantaged backgrounds through equine assisted learning. Our programs rely on the quiet strength and leadership of horses to assist clients in the development of essential life skills.

The Big Idea

Pairing kids in need with the quiet, gentle strength and leadership of horses helps youth dealing with unpredictable and challenging situations learn essential life skills. Hope, Horses & Kids (HHK) strives to teach kids coping skills as well as responsibility, communication, empathy and respect. Youth in this program include kids with developmental, intellectual, emotional and/or physical disabilities and also includes children from disadvantaged communities. Partnering with animals helps youth cope, grow and thrive

During the pandemic I was very worried about one of my daughters. She was not in a good place mentally and really missed her friends and activities. Miss Lori and Miss Emily let her go to the farm and help take care of Duncan. This gave my daughter a sense of purpose and pride. She learned how hard responsibilities can be, especially when an animal relies on you, and how rewarding caring for an animal can be. Her confidence grew and she became happy again. The stable (pun intended) environment at HHK promotes mental and physical health as well as providing an opportunity for character development and the opportunity to get dirty! We love HHK!

- Jenn Kato

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