Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Hope, Horses & Kids


Hope, Horses & Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the mind, body and spirit of kids through the quiet strength and leadership of the horse. Our educational piece encourages the developmental assets and includes a classroom component. At the barn we work side by side with the horses helping the kids develop problem solving skills and encouraging team work. We serve the youth throughout Monterey County.

The Big Idea

Art Education enhances a child’s ability to problem solve, think creatively, and see the world around them.

Mo-Neigh is a continually rotating, six week program that combines the beauty of art and the magic of horses. It enables children to explore various famous artists throughout history, while learning different artistic styles. In addition to artists and artistic styles, children will learn the geography in relation to an artist’s birthplace, a horse that originated in that geographical location, and be given the opportunity to sample traditional foods from a multitude of countries. Through the combined use of horses and art, this program provides the ideal environment for children to learn the process of thinking creatively and exploring the fascinating world around them.

“My ten-year-old daughter has developmental disabilities, and she has been coming to Hope, Horses and Kids weekly for about six months. Recently, I was observing her lesson and watching as her instructor was providing directions to lead “Ping Pong” through a series of obstacles. Suddenly, I realized that she finally was showing comprehension of Left versus Right! I couldn’t believe it, as other professionals have attempted to teach her this concept, and it honestly seemed as though it was something she would never grasp. This seemingly small triumph has kicked off a series of milestone accomplishments and my daughter’s confidence level is really beginning to soar!”

— Andrea Webb, Pacific Grove