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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Hope, Horses and Kids


Hope, Horses & Kids nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of children and youth with special needs and from disadvantaged backgrounds through equine assisted learning. Our programs rely on the quiet strength and leadership of horses to assist clients in the development of essential life skills.

The Big Idea

Hope, Horses and Kids incorporates a variety of experiential activities to help young students. Participants with a range of abilities learn how to set goals, develop a plan, implement that plan, achieve their goals and analyze the outcomes. Through programming paired with caring for horses, youth learn healthy life skills and develop strength-based assets that stimulate positive behavioral changes and social resilience. With young people suffering through the uncertainties of a pandemic and the disruptions to their school and social lives, Hope, Horses and Kids provides them with comfort and strength and valuable skills they can apply beyond this tumultuous time.

Hope, Horses, and Kids has been such an amazing experience for our children. Lori and Emily are patient and kind. This is such a valuable experience for all children, but in times like these, they are able to provide a necessity to children. Our children have participated in both private lessons and in a camp. They have enjoyed both opportunities, and they were ecstatic to care for the horses and learn all about horses. Every time we drive away, they are asking when they can go back.

- Sarah Rodriguez