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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Hospice Giving Foundation


Hospice Giving Foundation believes in living fully and dying peacefully. Our community-based support promotes personal choice, preparedness, and the highest standards of compassionate, dignified end-of-life care for individuals and their loved ones.

The Big Idea

We are our most vulnerable selves at birth and at death, reliant on others for compassion and tenderness. The role of the spiritual caregiver, while witnessing suffering and death, can ease pain and create an environment of peace. Spiritual care is an approach at the end of one’s life, to guide, listen, and hold space for one’s distress. Having spiritual care, largely nondenominational, will not dictate one’s transition, but rather honor a person’s decisions in their final days. While helping patients, spiritual care also provides restorative healing for the care providers.

Spiritual care encompasses the parts of our lives that make us uniquely who we are. All people have beliefs and values that give life meaning and purpose. In times of medical crisis, our perceptions of ourselves and what it means to have a good quality of life can drastically shift. Hospice patients and their loved ones benefit from a trained clinical chaplain who can companion them through the big questions, the uncertainties, and the mysteries of life and death. When clinical chaplains recognize emotional pain and unresolved business prior to death, an evidence-based spiritual care plan will provide supportive measures to soothe spiritual and emotional distress. With a compassionate and supportive care relationship, clinical chaplains can ease the existential dread and grief often experienced as death approaches. Spiritual care is simply good medicine that helps patients and families find peace, acceptance, and comfort in illness and at end of life.

- Rev. Robin Wells