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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Hospice Giving Foundation


Hospice Giving Foundation believes in living fully and dying peacefully. Our community-based support promotes personal choice, preparedness, and the highest standards of compassionate, dignified end-of-life care for individuals and their loved ones.

The Big Idea

Being prepared for serious illness takes hope and preparedness, and Hospice Giving Foundation works on empowering people with such preparedness. Their HOPEGives project encourages shifting attitudes about serious illness and end-of-life options with an optimistic vision—the need for which has been magnified during the pandemic. HOPEGives is about promoting honest and respectful conversations so people’s desires are made known, providing workshops and online resources, and facilitating inclusive working collaboratives to help make people’s plans a reality.

Nothing like a pandemic to provide a real-time reminder of the importance of end-of-life planning! As a solo ‘senior’ sheltering a nonagenarian, important questions and conversations took on new urgency. I discovered HG Foundation had migrated advanced directive classes to video conference and with their help gained the confidence to facilitate Mom to use the framework to document her wishes. That experience simplified my own decisions and made conversations with my son much easier – even though it took technology to bring us face to face. Having access to resources that support these conversations amid uncertainty absolutely provides peace of mind. While we hope none of the plans we have made need to be used in the near term, the process has been a gift to all of us – one we know will serve us well, when needed.

- Kathi Speller