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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Hospice Giving Foundation


Hospice Giving Foundation believes in living fully and dying peacefully. Our community-based support promotes personal choice, preparedness, and the highest standards of compassionate, dignified end-of life care for individuals and their loved ones.

The Big Idea

Improving quality of life at the end of life is more than just adding days, weeks or years—it’s about dignity, comfort and peace of mind. The Hospice Giving Foundation helps people to make their wishes, beliefs and choices known, assisting with communication between patients, physicians and loved ones. The Big Idea is to create a community movement to transform the way people think about dying and death, to make the experience as positive as possible for the individual and family. That happens through increasing understanding of end-of-life care resources and their benefits, and providing valuable tools that enable people to be well-prepared.

As a 41-year-old and father of two young children, I know life is precious. But a long life is not guaranteed, and end-of-life is something we don’t want to think about though, inevitably, we all will face it. The end-of-life workshops through Hospice Giving Foundation provided me the education and tools to ease the process. It’s a unique offering that has provided peace and comfort just knowing I am prepared. It’s a gift that will pay dividends to me and my little family, no matter when my time comes.

- John Lewis