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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

The Housing Resource Center


The mission of the Housing Resource Center (HRC) of Monterey County is to provide a continuum of housing resources for homeless prevention and affordable housing opportunities. HRC fosters community stability, stronger communities, and personal economic empowerment through education, advocacy, counseling and services.

The Big Idea

HRC's Landlord Gold Standard has been the financial component for collaborating and supporting participating landlords within our agency. Our Gold Standard Project will continue to provide:1) a $1,000 new landlord incentive; 2) up to $2,000 for unit repairs needed to pass a Housing Authority inspection; and 3) up to $2,000 for any rental arrears left by a former tenant prior to HRC's client moving in. These funds will also allow for an annual landlord appreciation event for new and existing landlords. HRC believes this type of financial service to landlords instills confidence in our agency's mission, and our ability to provide the landlord with a positive experience in collaborating with our clients. Our Landlord Gold Standard reflects HRC’s commitment to improve our community's housing crisis by housing the non-housed and improving the quality of housing provided through funded unit repairs.

My spouse, myself and my 4 kids would stay where we could... Times were hard and the struggle was real. Finally, we got the call from HRC that we were at the top of the list. I have a family of 6 so it was challenging finding something in my budget and the right size to accommodate all family members...I found a place listed by the owner on Zillow and let my housing specialist know right away. She reached out and explained the program and Landlord Gold Standard to the owner, who was immediately interested in being involved with HRC. I was relieved and so ecstatic because this meant we would finally have a roof over our head... I appreciate everything HRC... My family is so happy and grateful to have a place to call home. To have a kitchen to cook my family's favorite meals...has been everything.

- Vanessa Ramirez