Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Housing Resource Center


The mission of the Housing Resource Center (HRC) of Monterey County is to provide a continuum of housing resources for homeless prevention and affordable housing opportunities. HRC fosters community stability, stronger communities, and personal economic empowerment through education, advocacy, counseling and services.

The Big Idea

Our organization would not be able to provide our services without our landlords’ generosity in offering their units to our homeless families. There are times when finances to the home are a barrier to housing which prevents or delays move in dates. At times, landlords have approved our families for their housing, but cannot afford the minor repairs needed to pass inspection with HRC or Housing Authority. Other times, families are not ready for housing and landlords find their units damaged. We do not want our landlords to think HRC is a risk not worth taking.
We want them to know our support when housing expenses are a barrier or when families leave their units in disarray.

With the help of Monterey County Gives, HRC would like to be able to return that landlord support by offering to financially subsidize minor repairs. It is our hope that with your generous donation, HRC could contribute to the Lead Me Home 10 year plan to end homelessness and bring stability to the community. This is another way that HRC intends to give back to the community and encourage landlords to participate in helping to rapidly re-house homeless families in Monterey County.

In late December 2017, my five year old son and I became homeless for the first time. I was attending MPC on track to graduate that June with my associates degree in Human Services and I was working part time on campus as well. It was so convenient that my son was enrolled in an amazing preschool that was located on the same campus as my school and work. However being that I’m a single mom... I was quite literally on my own. We lived in my car while I finished school, and while I was trying to figure out how I could get us by day to day.

While I was homeless, I cried a lot while my son was asleep because I honestly thought it was going to be impossible for me to get out of that situation alone. It’s only because of the help from HRC and Dorthies Place, that I now have a home to raise my son in, and we are beyond grateful for the support and encouragement we had along the way.