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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

I Cantori di Carmel


Perform a variety of quality music from all style periods. Approach the literature with respect. Perform regularly in live concerts. Maintain an effective organizational structure with skillful, dynamic, inspired leadership. Provide a nurturing, self-disciplined learning environment. Assemble a group of singers capable of growth and accomplishment in vocal technique. Attract and develop choral members who share a commitment to the organizational vision, who are committed to performing with integrity of technique and expression, and who come with a commitment of time, energy, and concentration.

The Big Idea

I Cantori di Carmel is an ensemble dedicated to excellence in live performance of great choral music since 1982. The organization is in transition from a traditional community choir group to a larger, more dynamic ensemble. We have shifted from functioning as a class at Monterey Peninsula College to standing on our own as a performing arts nonprofit. As we make this transition, we are working to attract quality singers, enhance our singing abilities through coaching, perform more concerts each season (including venues beyond the Monterey Peninsula), offer new opportunities to our audience such as open rehearsals, workshops, and special events, and host our first Vocal Academy for eight soloists from across North America. Our performances, ranging from intimate community events of chamber music to big concerts including a cappella pieces and large scale choral works involving orchestra and soloists, have brought together the local music loving community for decades.

I ushered for two ‘I Cantori’ events where I had the opportunity to not only meet wonderful people from far and near, but also the wonderful choir and orchestra who beautifully reminded me of how much I love classical music. As a Latina who is rarely presented opportunities such as this, I felt appreciated and included to be part of something that in my family can only be dreamed of instead of experiencing it as a reality. If I am given the chance to volunteer again I will gladly offer my help because the experience in doing so is the greatest.

- Gaytan-Salgado Mariana