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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

I Cantori di Carmel


I Cantori di Carmel is a choir of 50-60 experienced singers who perform classical choral music for the Monterey Peninsula/Salinas Valley community. It strives for artistic excellence, the exploration of rich and diverse repertoire, and the artistic growth of its members – a mission realized in concerts that showcase the chorus’s broad vision and technical skill.

The Big Idea

Over the last two years, I Cantori has performed in San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara. We are the only choral ensemble from Monterey County with a professional orchestra and soloists to make this commitment to expanding our season to include communities with their rich, distinctive musical traditions. Although audiences were small at the beginning, we have steadily gained a loyal following and now perform to larger houses and enthusiastic attendees.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of experiencing the remarkable performances of Carmel's I Cantori choir several times, and they are nothing short of extraordinary. This isn't just a group of people who can sing - they are devoted to music. Their voices bring both new and classical compositions to life in a way that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. On top of the magical performances, their enthusiasm for sharing the joy of music with the local community and their support of budding performers really underlines their commitment. I Cantori is a standout in the choral scene, demonstrating what it means to combine talent, passion, and a real connection to music. They make every performance feel like a unique experience. We can't wait to hear them again.

- Sabine Wolpers