Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Interim, Inc.


Interim’s mission is to provide services and affordable housing, supporting members of our community with mental illness in building productive and satisfying lives.

The Big Idea

Shelter Cove is a 32-bed transitional housing program for homeless adults with mental illness. The program structure is oriented to serve people who need support in maintaining sobriety and in improving their mental health stability. It currently serves about over 50 people per year.

By remodeling our existing housing units to add 7 beds we will be able to serve more clients. With 39 beds, we will be able to serve about 68 people a year. The new beds will located in downstairs common areas of the housing. These housing units are large and have approximately 1000 square feet downstairs in shared space.

We are also proposing to add showers downstairs in 1-3 units to increase the number of accessible bedrooms in Shelter Cove. Currently there are only half-baths downstairs. Some of our clients are medically fragile or have physical disabilities that prevent them from walking up stairs. We currently only have one two-bedroom unit that is fully ADA accessible.

Because we will be remodeling our existing property to add additional beds, we are doing this at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

My son graduated from Shelter Cove and moved into one of your permanent housing units about a week later. I want to thank you for the excellent program of support for him as he recovered from a very difficult 4 years of struggle. He emerged from this difficult period more insightful, more grounded in who he really is (a person of value) and where he is at, including his limitations and vulnerabilities... Timing for him entering this well run program with deeply caring people could not have been better. He was ready to take in the groups, the counsel, the support, and build a better trust of what his future holds that is positive and bright. You all did a superb job of giving him what he needed at this time. Thank you for the gift of a more joyful life you have facilitated for him.

- T H