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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Interim, Inc.


Interim’s mission is to provide services and affordable housing supporting members of our community with mental illness in building productive and satisfying lives.

The Big Idea

Interim is an essential resource for mentally ill members of the community who are experiencing homelessness, providing housing and helping them build productive lives. This year the nonprofit is working on renovating an old house in Salinas into three stories of studio apartments. Sun Rose Apartments was previously a transitional home with seven beds, but with renovations an additional 11 people with mental illness will have a home. Support services, including case management, mental health and peer support, will be provided on-site by counselors, peer staff and the resident manager at this new building, which will add to 270 existing beds in other Interim housing. During the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for Interim’s services, and they have adapted to meet clients where they are.

Just got an email from [a Counselor at one of Interim’s Programs] who met with my family member for 45 minutes today, reviewed his meds, his upcoming doctor appointments, and his activities. They will be checking on him daily. Both his brother and I have peace of mind after hearing from [the counselor]. Interim’s services to clients continues to hit a degree of excellence that is unparalleled. Everyone responds so quickly and thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned in making client assessments. What a wonderful culture you have created. It saves suffering as well as saved lives in many instances.

- Marilyn Clark