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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Interim, Inc.


Interim's mission is to provide services and affordable housing supporting members of our community with mental illness in building productive and satisfying lives.

The Big Idea

Interim, Inc. provides affordable housing and resources to make independent living possible for people experiencing the compound epidemics of homelessness and mental illness. Interim’s Big Idea builds on its momentum from last year’s successful MCGives! campaign, in which donors made the construction of the new Sun Rose Apartments in Salinas possible. Donations this year will support the furnishing and completion of the Sun Rose project, a brand-new home and new beginning for 17 adults.

Interim gave me a life worth living. I have been able to manage my symptoms better because of Interim. Interim saved my life! I am living the dream. I am independent, I am able to pay my rent, I drive. This smallest nonprofit you never heard of saved someone who was unsave-able. I'm grateful.

- Elizabeth Barrell

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

Monterey County Gives! launches November 10th, 2022.

The RFP for 2022 is now closed.