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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Interim, Inc.


Interim’s mission is to provide services and affordable housing, supporting members of our community with mental illness in building productive and satisfying lives.

The Big Idea

Moving homeless adults with mental illness off the streets and into treatment and permanent housing requires a patient, compassionate approach. Many have been abused or gone years without proper treatment for their illness. As a result, they are often reluctant to accept mainstream shelter or housing options. Staff must establish trust first. The outreach team assesses individual needs and works to meet them. They may have emergency needs (medical/dental, hygiene, grooming) in addition to their need for shelter. Meeting them allows staff to stabilize clients and get them off the streets if they accept temporary shelter. Interim sometimes uses motel stays because they more appropriate for someone living with a mental illness than a traditional congregate shelter. If outreach program participants qualify, and are willing, they are enrolled in intensive integrated services. These include housing, food, mental health care and help in obtaining income through work or public benefits.

Jim was enrolled into Interim’s MCHOME homeless outreach program in October of 2019. With the support Interim has provided, Jim has been living in his own apartment since November 2020. Jim has accomplished many personal goals since obtaining his own apartment. He has been sober from both alcohol and drugs for over two years, discovered a passion for gardening and writing poetry, and recently became engaged to his girlfriend. “Since I’ve been in this program, I’ve learned how to be more responsible for my actions… I was a drug addict, alcoholic and angry at the whole world… My attitude had to change, my way of thinking had to change, my vocabulary had to change, the way I treated people had to change… I have been trying to be the best version of myself that I can be.” Name changed to protect confidentiality.

- W. B.