Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

LandWatch Monterey County


Founded in 1997, LandWatch’s mission is to promote sustainable land use policies that better our community – its long-term economic vitality, high agricultural productivity, environmental health, and social equity. By encouraging greater public participation in planning, we connect people to government, address human needs, and inspire conservation of natural resources.

The Big Idea

Monterey County local governments routinely violate the land use, affordable housing, and environmental laws they pass. As one example, Monterey County adopted a new general plan in 2010 that required them to adopt within one year an objective, quantified scoring system for new developments in unincorporated areas. Now, seven years later, Monterey County still hasn't adopted that system. As a consequence, the Monterey County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors continue to approve developments that violate their own planning laws, including Rancho Canada Village. As the public's advocate for sound land use policy, and its implementation, LandWatch has used the courts as necessary to force local governments and private developers to follow the law. Currently, LandWatch has four lawsuits against Monterey County: on the 2010 General Plan; Ferrini Ranch subdivision off Highway 68; Harper Canyon subdivision off San Benancio Road; and Rancho Los Robles adjacent to Elkhorn Slough. LandWatch's Monterey County Land Conservation Legal Defense Fund will enable LandWatch to remain an effective watchdog and enforcer of state and local laws.

I have supported LandWatch as the only professional level organization which can defend the regulations protecting our health, safety, and environment. They have shown they are effective over several decades. They fully merit your support.

- Max Chaplin