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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Legal Services for Seniors


“Legal Services for Seniors provides legal services at no charge to Monterey County residents 60 years of age and older with an emphasis on the socially and/or economically needy.”

The Big Idea

The pandemic starkly revealed many difficulties that were already present. For seniors, that included a risk of being socially isolated and targeted for scams or abuse. Legal Services for Seniors offers no-cost legal advice and help to people ages 60 and older, helping them protect their rights and navigate challenges. The nonprofit is looking to reconnect with its seniors after the pandemic and continue to offer in-person legal assistance with an emphasis on those who are socially or economically needy. Through education and outreach they hope to expand countywide to help as many seniors as possible

As attorneys, our clients' privacy is of utmost importance to us. This is a summary of a recent case (names have been changed for confidentiality): Ms. Bell, a 75-year-old widow with no living relatives, survives on a limited fixed Social Security income. In November 2020, before Thanksgiving, Ms. Bell received an eviction notice from her landlord. Ms. Bell was a model tenant and always paid her rent on time. The scared Ms. Bell called our office for help. After reading the landlord's notice, LSS realized the landlord had not abided by current Covid and other tenant protection legislation. The landlord was attempting to illegally evict Ms. Bell. An LSS attorney negotiated with the landlord's attorney after pointing out the invalid eviction attempt. With LSS's advocacy, Ms. Bell was able to stay in her home without the threat of being in the streets in the cold winter holiday nights.

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