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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Legal Services for Seniors


"Legal Services for Seniors provides legal services at no charge to Monterey County seniors 60 years of age and older with an emphasis on the socially and/or economically needy."

The Big Idea

Legal Services for Seniors will extend our outreach programs to provide support and education in rural Monterey County whose seniors may not know of or cannot access our services. Covid-19's impacts left seniors in uncertain housing, facing a tidal wave of evictions and a severe lack of housing resources. We will educate and protect our community from unlawful evictions to ensure seniors have safe and healthy housing. We will do this with more outreach locations and a wider scope of educational presentations. We will provide written materials to all sites we visit and continue our “Tips” of the Week” (in local papers including the MC Weekly and all South County newspapers) to reach not only our seniors but their family and friends who can then point them to our services. MC Gives! funds allow us to fund an outreach advocate to assist seniors in our rural areas.

Our office has assisted with hundreds of housing cases (almost 600!) this year, such as Mr. Johnson's. Mr. Johnson received an eviction notice at the home he has lived in for 20 years. Mr. Johnson lived with two other disabled seniors, all of whom were afraid of being evicted during this ongoing pandemic, with limited income and nowhere to go. Mr. Johnson called our office; an attorney worked with Mr. Johnson and, after our attorney called Mr. Johnson's landlord, we were able to negotiate with the landlord to double the time allowed (4 months) so that Mr. Johnson could find new, safe and affordable housing. Mr Johnson, 70 years old - (name changed to protect client confidentiality

- Mr. Johnson