Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Loaves, Fishes & Computers


Loaves, Fishes & Computers' (LFC) mission is to help local individuals and families overcome the digital and economic divides by providing low-to-no-cost computer systems, digital literacy classes, hands-on technology workshops, and technology assistance/computer repair for low-income individuals, families, seniors, veterans, children, people with disabilities and nonprofit organizations, while providing volunteers an encouraging and gratifying place to learn about Computer Science and Information Technology, and with the help of academic partnering organizations, engage in exciting, new education and career opportunities.

The Big Idea

Most of LFC’s Latino clients are low-income families who have limited or no access to computer technology and the skills to navigate online government, education, social service, employment and health resources. Often the children are more skilled and knowledgeable about surfing the Net than their parents, and parents are not aware of exactly what children are accessing online, other than homework. LFC has designed and taught workshops to help overcome these technology obstacles while uniting parents and their children in shared goals: 1) Learn about the inner workings of computers; 2) Learn to refurbish a Chromebook; 3) Take this Chromebook home for family use; 4) Learn Internet Safety; 5) Encourage parents to enroll in free digital literacy classes either those offered by LFC on the Chromebook platform or classes offered by a public library; 6) Create a bonding opportunity between parent and child; 7) Partake as equals in our digitally-oriented society. LFC is dedicated to helping the most underserved members of our region acquire these skills, thus helping to close the digital and economic divides by empowering families with appropriate technology at no-to-low cost.

"We enjoyed all of it (Chromebook for Families workshop). Well Done. Allowed for parent interaction and good Q&A. It's inevitable that our youth will be accessing the web. I appreciate the staff of LFC, sharing tips in regards to usage and safety to guide us. A great community service." -Asya, Guillory with her 4th-grade child

- Asya Guillory