Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Marina Youth Arts


Providing opportunities for children in Marina and throughout the region to experience the performance, fine, and cultural arts through seasonal, summer, and year-round participation based programs.

The Big Idea

Marina Youth Arts wants to bring arts, creativity and technical know-how to middle school students with technical interests.

Lights! Camera! Action! There is room in the tribe for those who prefer to work behind the scenes. Marina Youth Arts, the group that’s given Marina-area students the best opportunities in music, dance, drama and visual arts, wants to expand opportunities for children with technical interests.
From microphones and soundboards to lighting, staging and scenery, students will learn stage management and the finer points of live production.
We hope the new-found skills will spawn media arts clubs in schools.

‘I love drama because when I act I get to explore my character. I get to experience dancing and acting. I also love performing.” Jasmin