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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Marina Youth Arts


Our mission is to provide opportunities for the children in Marina and throughout the area to experience the performing, visual ans cultural arts through seasonal and year-round participation-based programs.  We are the only nonprofit organization in Marina committed to such an endeavor.  We believe that communities need to preserve and nurture the Arts because they are vital to the quality of life now and in the future.  

The Big Idea

Marina Youth Arts has provided after-school art programs at Los Arboles Middle School for 13 years. In addition to programs in musical theater, visual arts and jewelry making, this year they’ve introduced journaling and media arts. The Big Idea is to evolve the group into a creative writing club, by teaching kids how to create a journal and use it to organize their time and express their thoughts. This past semester, 12 media arts students produced a short film and a documentary.

As the director of recreation and cultural services for the city of Marina, I worked with Marina Youth Arts for the last 13 years and am very impressed with the quality and creativity of the programs they have been able to provide on a small budget. Their dedication to the arts and the children of the area is exemplified by the number of students they have exposed to the arts every year through active participation and as audiences. All of their programs and activities are free and take place in a safe and supervised environment. For two years in a row, the city of Marina was named one of the Ten Best Cities in America for Raising Children, partly due to the activities provided by Marina Youth Arts. They truly add the cultural service so badly needed in this day and age.

- Terry Seigrest