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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Max's Helping Paws Foundation


The mission of Max’s Helping Paws is to reduce pet suffering, surrender and economic euthanasia by providing charitable financial assistance to low-income pet owners in Monterey County facing unexpected veterinary expenses for pets with urgent short term or ongoing medical needs.

The Big Idea

Max’s is committed to being a reliable and highly accessible resource to pet owners when their dog or cat is in need of unexpected veterinary treatment. Many applicants classified as seniors, disabled, veterans and those experiencing homelessness struggle with greater hardship, thereby making the financial gap between their pet receiving care and suffering or being euthanized significantly larger. For many of these individuals, their pet is more than just a companion - they also provide safety, security and help improve mental health. In order to help bridge that critical gap in funding, we created Max’s Special Supplemental Program as an overlay to our core programs. The program provides additional funding up to $250 over and above any other financial awards given. This enables their pets to receive necessary care without these pet families having to risk sacrificing basic necessities such as food, gas and even medical care for themselves.

"My boy is feeling much better with his medication and I owe that to your services. I would not have been able to take care of this without your support. You have my deep gratitude that I am having difficulty putting into words."

- Juan G