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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Max's Helping Paws Foundation


The mission of Max’s Helping Paws is to reduce pet suffering, surrender and economic euthanasia by providing charitable financial assistance to responsible, low-income pet owners in Monterey County facing unexpected veterinary expenses for pets with urgent short term or ongoing medical needs.

The Big Idea

The purpose of a bridge is to provide reliable passage over an obstacle. In literature and life, it is often viewed metaphorically as a transition to a new opportunity. A bridge has the ability to provide hope, support, relief and increase one’s options. Max's Bridge to Hope focuses on our primary, short-term care program and is based around the core mission of Max’s- to provide a financial lifeline to responsible pet owners who need us. For many families, the biggest obstacle to making a decision around the fate of their pet, is money. This Big Idea supports owners who have spent already-limited resources on necessary treatment or bloodwork and testing to get a diagnosis but do not have enough money to move forward. Max's Bridge to Hope offers a path over the financial obstacle so pet parents can make informed decisions for their pet while also alleviating fear and anxiety.

“I was his protector and he was my shadow; I fell in love with Fred. It occurred to me that hundreds of people must be in a similar situation, so in love with their pets too, but may not have the wherewithal to afford medical care. Max’s materially changes the life of pets and inevitably the lives of their owners. It’s an enormous hit of double good.” -Angel Donor of a Max’s Helping Paws Grant Recipient, Local Monterey County Resident and Beloved Owner of Fred.

- Angel Donor Anonymous