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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula, Inc.


In order for people to experience good health and the highest quality of life possible as they live longer, Meals on Wheels and the Sally Griffin Center programs nurture the whole person – mind, body and spirit. The Nutrition Meal Programs and Griffin Center services promote the physical, social, personal well-being, and independence of seniors, homebound frail elderly and disabled adults (18+) on the Monterey Peninsula.

The Big Idea

In order for people to experience good health and the highest quality of life possible, Meals on Wheels nurtures the whole person—mind, body and spirit. The nonprofit’s home-delivered meal program provides two-and-a-half meals per day, five days per week (with an extra meal for the weekend), delivered to elderly and disabled adults. Caring volunteers deliver food and also conduct a daily wellness check and offer socialization to homebound clients. Of the organization’s home-delivery meals clients, 86 percent are low-income and 26 percent are at or below the poverty line. As important as the meal itself is, so is the opportunity for isolated seniors to dine in the company of others.

I’ve always been an athletic, extremely active senior citizen who never gave a thought to agencies that might provide necessary service for our homebound or sick older population. Last year, I needed major surgery and had a rude awakening about how frightening and vulnerable that can be. My main concern was shopping and cooking, which I simply couldn’t do. Then in a truly uplifting moment I learned about Meals on Wheels. What a gift! There is a small army of dedicated volunteers who cheerfully deliver three meals a day to anyone who needs their service. And wondrously, cost is based on what one can afford, or free if necessary. In a world that so many times gets shattered by the grief by incomprehensible evil, such goodness gives a deeper meaning to a program based only on compassion. Thank you, Meals on Wheels.

- Brianna Morgan

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